Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bethany's 1st Dentist Appointment!

Today I took the last 2 girls to the dentist for their 1st intro and 3yo dental check-up. The "B" team was more timid with the hygienist and dentist than the other 2 girls. Go figure! ;)

Up first was Bethany. She did NOT want to sit in the chair (I had to sit her down in it myself), let alone recline back in it, wear the sunglasses, use "Mr. Thirsty" and "Mr. Water" and was in no mood for the "string," aka floss. But all in all she did okay. Good for an intro check-up!

Pics of my girly!

Can you tell that she is uncomfortable with the whole situation? Ha! ;)Getting her teeth cleanedLast, but not least, Brielle!
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