Sunday, May 15, 2011

Swimming for the first time!

Tonight, we went swimming! Yes! Even though it was 82* in our pool it felt cold to me ;) But not for our 5 kids. They jumped right in. Okay, maybe Jared was the only one jumping but the girls did get their feet in it. Then, Suzan (of course her! ;) ) started splashing...first with her wild arms/hands and then laying on her belly kicking. Ha! Some of the other girls were splashing a bit too but then I think it got a bit chilly for them so they got out, got towels and then we all watched Jared cannonball into the pool, swim from one end to the other and do some back and front glides.

Jared, Suzan, Anna, Bethany and Brielle enjoying a swim! The girlies look so much older to me, wearing big girl swim suits now!I got the 5 kids signed up for swim lessons this summer through our parks & rec program. It's reasonably priced, good teaching (Jared's taken them every summer since he was ~2yo!) and close by to us. It will be fun to see the girlies (2 in 1 class and 2 in another) in the lessons! They will be taking the same class Jared took when he was 3! How funny! The girls are excited for swimming and getting to wear their new swim suits - Ha!

Looking forward to summer break! Yay! :)

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Prather Family said...

What a great photo!!! I hope you all enjoy the water this year. We moved this year and left our pool behind. Now that we don't have it, I really miss it. Enjoy!!!

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