Monday, May 30, 2011

Missing Teeth

Jared's been losing teeth these days. First, his teeth on the bottom got booted out of place by his adult teeth coming in. Then, his baseball coach pulled one of Jared's very loose top teeth - Ha! And now he lost his 2nd top tooth just yesterday (Sunday). It was hanging on by a thread and I knew was about to come out. Jared looks like a cute little boy with his teeth all missing :)Guess the Tooth Fairy has been busy at our home these last few weeks ;)

P.S. Jared has a funny story about how he lost this 2nd top tooth. You'll have to ask him about it the next time you see him ;)

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Anonymous said...


I came across your blog while reading other quad mom blogs. I think your girls and Jared are absolutely adorable. I love the girls names. It just so happens that I have twin cousins named Bethany and Brielle who just turned 1, their older sister is named Anna, who is 2.5, and their mother (my aunt) is named Susan! That little fact is what compelled me to read your blog from the beginning! You have a very nice family and its very obvious that you and your husband are great parents. I will definitely be following it from now on!

Take care,


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