Saturday, May 28, 2011

1st grade is coming to an end!

Jared is almost done with 1st grade. Wow! Yes, I know. Some of you are thinking "huh? you guys are getting out of school now?" Yup. That's how our school district goes. It's called "modified year round." We get 8 weeks off in the summer (our kids will go back in late July), then 2 weeks off in the fall, 2 weeks at Christmastime and then 2 again for spring break (along with onesie and twosie days off throughout the year here and there). It works and we love it.

In any case ;) , Jared is almost a 2nd grader! I can't believe that! He's had a great year in 1st grade...lots of friends made, LOTS of learning (anyone multiply numbers in 1st grade? like 2x7, 7x5, 2x3? I really don't think I did that in 1st grade!) and lots of fun with his teacher. We love her!

She gave out class awards this past week. Jared got the "always being polite" award! That's our Jared! :) Oh, and us parents could tell that the kids were ready for summer...lots of fidgeting and silliness going on - Ha! ;)

Jared receiving his award from his teacher (Mrs. P).The kids giving Mrs. P a "gift card tree," her favorite plant (hibiscus) and lots of gift cards to her favorites places! Notice a pic of Jared on the screen in the slideshow - Ha! ;)Jared with Mrs. P. She is such a sweet, caring and gifted teacher! I can only pray that all of Jared’s future teachers are as awesome as she is! And that some of our girls can have her as their teacher in the future too ;)The girlies get out of school the same time as Jared. I'll have to take a picture of them with their teachers :) They've really enjoyed their pre-school. Praise God we are SO fortunate to have such a great school system here in town!

Summer is just around the corner! Well, I guess weather-wise it's already here for us, what with our 100* temps - Ha! :P

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