Sunday, April 17, 2011

More pics of Jared's 7th birthday party

I forgot that I didn't post pics of Jared's birthday party with his friends!

A few weeks after his actual birthday we had a small party for him with a few of his friends at Peter Piper Pizza (his choice for this year). He had fun celebrating with them!

Here, Brielle on the merry-go-round. Couldn't get her off that thing! Ryan. The Murphys are our great friends!!RussellSuzan and Bethany playing in the wiggly ice cream truck.GraceSuz playing wack-a-mole ;)Jared with some of his school friendsMore friends of Jared'sDad showing our girls how to play wack-a-moleThe birthday boy with his personalized and hand-made pizzaSome of the kids eatingThe "Carlson girl" table - Ha! ;)Cake time! He requested Wall-E for his cake this year (with Lightening McQueen a very close 2nd ;) )Getting those candles!A thumbs up on his PPP party :)Oh, and the girlies had to show off their "loot" from the game tickets - Ha! Rings and bracelets (and lollipops!)We had fun celebrating (and spoiling!) our BIG 7-year-old boy/son/brother!! :)

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Peter Piper Pizza said...

What great pics! Happy birthday to Jared and thank you for celebrating with Peter Piper Pizza - looks like everyone had a blast! If you'd like, you can hop on our Facebook page and share your party photos with us (

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