Saturday, April 02, 2011


Okay, this is too cute! I have the brand-new Veggie Tales Easter DVD checked out from our library. The kids have watched it a few times already. It's a cute story about the real meaning of Easter. I wish we owned this video; it's cute! Anyways, if you know the Veggie Tales DVDs they always have a silly song halfway through the story. The silly song on this DVD is actually a dance, called the Hopperena. It's cute. Well, the girls found my bunny slippers (yes, I actually DO have some, thanks to my hubby ;) ) and were wearing them this morning. They were hopping around and saying "hopperena! do the hopperena!" It was so funny! Then, one of them said "mama, i need ears. i need ears mama." Surprisingly, we don't own any bunny ears (crazy, huh? ;) ). With my crafty skills and some headbands I made bunny ears for them. They were THRILLED! Now, their Hopperena outfits were complete, just like on the video - Ha! Seriously? They paid attention to that DVD and knew that they needed bunny slippers and ears for the dance? I guess so.

, Anna and Bethany ready for some Hopperena dancing. Brielle didn't get to participate since she isn't feeling well and was sleeping :( Notice I have one pair of slippers. The girlies had to share. So one slipper per girl ;) Oh, and Suz improvised and used my bright pink flip flops for her "bunny slippers" - Ha! These girlies make me laugh! :)

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