Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Decor

During the Easter/Lent season, I came across this tut for making an Easter Peeps bunting. It looked SO cute and cool that I had to make it! :) I have to say it is pretty easy and cheap to make - sweet!

The Peeps bunting, across our fireplace. The crosses were made by the girls one day.Way too cute! :)Some other pics of my Easter decorations. Yes, we have fun decorating for the holidays :)This, I purchased the cage for cheap at a second hand store, got some wooden eggs to paint as Robin's eggs, then added a nest and faux Robin in there to finish it off. A matching Robins-blue ribbon on top.This idea came from here. It turned out cute, I think.Jared had fun making an Easter craftIt turned out pretty cute!
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