Thursday, April 14, 2011

Awe! A son taking care of his poor, sick Mama :)

Starting last week and into the beginning of this week I was sick. Like SO sick...103/104* temp, chills/sweats, sore throat on one side of my mouth, huge swollen and white-covered tonsil, couldn't eat or drink for 5 days, horrible ear and head aches. Despite going to the urgent care and getting on antibiotics it has taken me about 1 week to start feeling back to normal again and I've been told it will take me 2 weeks of antibiotics to clear up whatever I had (nope, strep came back neg so it wasn't that; was told tonsillitis and also that I had the onset of an abscess behind my tonsil - YUCK!).

Anyways! My son did the sweetest thing for me last week when he saw his mom truly sick, crying and horrible! All on his own doing, he made me something...A get well card :) He knows I am a girl so I might like the color pink :) What he drew was a bed with me, the sick Mommy, laying down in it and I have a huge red thermometer sticking out from my mouth/head. I don't know if you can see what he wrote or not. It's in white crayon...It says "i hope you get well." Awe! I thought he was up to something before school last Thursday, when I got so sick, but I didn't know what he was doing for sure. I saw what it was when I came back to bed later that morning and it sat on my nightstand. It gave me a HUGE smile on my face. That's love! :) I have a very sweet and caring boy there!! :D

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