Friday, April 01, 2011

April Fools!

I subscribe to the Family Fun magazine. I LOVE it! Super cute ideas in there for kids (and for crafty mamas like myself ;) ). Anyways, I got my April subscription and they had a cute April Fools idea in there. Doughnut Seeds! I love it! So I went onto their website, found the printable for this joke and put it together. You use Frosted Cheerios for the "seeds." Here's how it played out...

at the table eating breakfast

Me- Hey Jared, I forgot to tell you I went by Lowe's the other day and found these seeds. So I picked them up for us to try. (hand them the Doughnut Seeds packet)

Jared - (looking at them and realizes they are seeds for doughnuts. his eyes get HUGE!)

Me - So, what do you think? Should we plant them?

Jared - YES!

Paul - (piping in) Um Jared, do you know what folks do on April...

Me - Paul! (Ha!) Jared, let's read the packet.

Jared - (reading it) It says to plant them on April 1st.

Me - When is April 1st?

Jared - I don't know.

Me - Let's look at our calendar.

Jared - (looking at the calendar and realizes today is April 1st. he gets big eyes again and a huge grin). That's today!

Me - cool! Hey, I'm curious what these seeds look like. Aren't you? Let's open up the packet.

Jared - (excited to open it, rips it open. gets a confused look on his face). That's weird, they look like Cheerios.

Me - really?

Jared - yeah.

Me - Hm, that is weird. (pause) Jared?

Jared - yeah mom?

Me - April Fools!

Jared - (laughing!)

He had fun with it. I gave a packet to each of the girlies too, just for grins. What's more is I made up a packet for him to give to his teacher - Ha! He really liked that idea, playing a joke on his teacher. He was a good sport. Even a better sport when he saw that I had a full box of Frosted Cheerios for him to enjoy for breakfast :)

Family Fun is awesome! They had some cool and creative ideas in there. I also especially liked the April Fools "meals" they had, like the fish sticks or the bacon & eggs. Lots of fun things to try in the future!

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