Saturday, April 16, 2011

1st Loose Tooth!

Yes, Jared, at 7-years-old, lost his first tooth! Yay! :) For the last few months he's had 4 teeth wiggling loose, 2 on the top and 2 on the bottom. Just yesterday morning before school he ran up stairs saying "my tooth! it's out!" How cool Bud! Of course I had to take a few pics of him and his 1st loose tooth :D The itty-bitty baby tooth. I told him "that tooth is about 6.5yo! it's been in your mouth that long!" He was surprised by that.You can see where it came out. His permanent teeth are already popping up. Guess they can't wait for those babies to move on out ;)He was excited to put his 1st loose tooth in his tooth fairy pillow (that his 1st grade teacher made and gave to all of her kids at Christmas) at bedtime last evening. The tooth fairy was nice giving him a generous $1 for his very first tooth. Funny thing, Jared went to bed and put a note on his tooth pillow with "$13" written on it. I guess he was telling the tooth fairy what the going rate is for teeth these days - Ha! Um, maybe that's what dentists charge per tooth these days but about $12 too much for "our" tooth fairy ;)

P.S. Now the girlies think they have loose teeth too. It was funny at dinnertime last evening, each girl, after every bite, would say "owe! i got a loose toof mama! a loose toof!" It's a bit difficult convincing them that "no, you don't have loose teeth. only Jared." Ha!

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