Monday, March 07, 2011

3rd Birthday Party Pics

Here are a few pictures of the girls' 3rd birthday party. We BARELY had it, as most, if not all, of the girls were sick before the party, with Suzan and Bethany being sick the day before. Fortunately, Suzan, Anna and Brielle were feeling much better. It was just Bethany that was not up to par. Poor girly! Sick on your birthday! :( They did get to have some fun with us, brother, close friends of ours, Grammy and Miss Mary and her grandson, Austin. The weather was perfect for an outdoor birthday - Yay!

Suzan, Bethany, Anna and BrielleSuzan looking up at her Elmo balloonAnna :)Brielle...I forget what she was saying to me at this time - Ha!The Elmo balloons. Can't beat filled balloons for a buck at the $1 Store!Yes, Mama made Elmo hair bows for the girlies :) Their Elmo shirts too :)Anna reading some Elmo books that we got from G&G CarlsonThe Mama (yes, I'm eating pizza - Papa John's! YUM!)
Our good friends, the Murphys, came over for the party. Here, Ryan looking a bit serious ;)The Elmo cake. No, I did NOT make the cake. I wish! Albertsons made the cake ;)"Happy 3rd Birthday Suzan - Anna - Bethany and Brielle"Cake time! can tell she's singing along with us - too cute!Bethany...she, too, sang along :)And BriellePics of them opening presents. AnnaAnna, Bethany and SuzanBrielleBrielle and AnnaWhat's funny is after guests left the party the girlies wanted to wear these new shirts from G&G Carlson IMMEDIATELY! Like "i'm-gonna-cry-my-heart-out-if-i-don't-wear-my-new-shirt-NOW!!!!" Ha! Needless to say, after their PM nap they took off Elmo and put on their new shirts ;) Oh, and wore them the next day too. Thanks G&G!These girlies are too cute, silly and sweet for us!!!! :D Happy 3rd Birthday Sweethearts :D
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Jennifer said...

So cute!

And I'd love to buy a shirt/bow set for my girls' 3rd birthday :)

Prather Family said...

3 already???? Wow time just goes by too fast for words. I hope you all have another great year?

The McCleary Quads said...

Happy 3rd birthday!!! We loved the Elmo shirts and cake. Our quads are turning 2 in a few weeks and we are also doing Elmo since its their favorite character.

The McCleary Quads

Stephanie said...

Cute girlies! They are getting grown up and you can see their little personalities and looks developing.

The shirts and bows are cute!

The Krol Family said...

Maria, what a wonderful party even though the girlies weren't feeling 100% it sure looks like they had an amazing time! You look beautiful my dear ;) Elmos shirts are so cute. Thanks for sharing!!

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