Tuesday, March 29, 2011

First day of preschool!

Yes, today was Suzan's, Anna's, Bethany's and Brielle's first day of preschool. Yay! They were excited. Thanks to Aunt Mary for the most awesome backpacks!!!! The girlies REALLY liked them and were beyond thrilled when they could finally don them on - Ha! ;) They look so cute, yet so tiny, looking all ready for school! In birth order (didn't plan it that way for the op ;) )...Suzan, Anna, Bethany and Brielle all ready for preschool!Close-up of SuzanAnnaBethanyBrielleThe girlies in front of their school and after a full afternoon of play and learning there!We are fortunate that the school is close to us and have enough classes to accomodate quads. 2 girls are in one class and 2 are in another. Fortunately, the classrooms share a common bathroom/walk-through area and the classes have recess at the same time, so the girls will see each other all together once or twice while there.

Praise God for this awesome school and program! We are very fortunate that the girls can attend preschool!

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Step up to the plate

Yes, it's that time again. Spring! Spring training! Baseball! Jared signed up for baseball again this year. This time, though, he moved up from Rookies to the Minor League A Division. Now, no more hitting off the T. It's coach pitch only. They start counting outs and hits now too. A bit of a change for the boy but he'll manage. Just means lots of practice to do! ;)

Here are pics of his first game!

Jared's first game on 3/26/11. He's the guy on 3rd base there (glove to his face).Yes, the girlies came to cheer on Jared too! Just need to get them some real (and bigger-sized!) baseball caps :DJared at bat. Go Jared!After the game, loaded with snacks ;) His team won too! Woo hoo! :)
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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Happy 7th Birthday My Sweet Son!

Yes, Jared is SEVEN now! Whoa! ;) I can't believe he's 7. He still feels like a little guy to me :) He's a very sweet, generous, loving and smart 7-year-old boy. He is a big blessing to us!

We had a little something for him at home with family...some Spiderman cupcakes and ice cream with Mom, Dad, sisters and Grammy. He's going to have a pizza party with his friends later, which he is excited about :D

Jared, the big 7-year-old!Singing to the boyGet those candles Bud!Our sweet 7-year-old :D
Mmmm! Cupcakes!
Yup, there was lots of red and blue on the kids after eating these - Ha! ;)
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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Our 5 leprechauns ;)

I have to preface this by saying we are FAR from being Irish. We don't really celebrate St. Patty's Day. I was just given some hand-me-down green shirts for the girlies and so went with it ;) They do look like 5 little mischievous leprechauns, don't they ;)

Nothing like Lucky Charms for breakfast on St. Patty's Day ;)Jared made this craft at the library"Pot of Gold" and a little leprechaun :)Jared went back to the library for another project. It was called "Storybook Kitchen" in which they read a book about a leprechaun ("The Night Before St. Patrick's Day") and then afterwards made "Leprechaun Pudding." He brought the recipe home so we made it for dessert - VERY yummy! Paul kept joking with the kids that the pudding was made out of leprechauns...ewe! ;)Suzan eating hersBrielle mid-bite ;)AnnaBethanyAnd Jared giving it a "thumbs up" - Ha! ;)Our 5 leprechauns...Jared, Suzan, Anna, Brielle and BethanyI did make some little green and gold hair bows for the girlies (which they LOVE to wear!)Suzan playing outside, checking out the citrus blossoms on our grapefruit treeAnna showing me a flower ;)Bethany saying "see ya later!"Brielle being silly :PA sweet pic of Jared :D
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Monday, March 07, 2011

3rd Birthday Party Pics

Here are a few pictures of the girls' 3rd birthday party. We BARELY had it, as most, if not all, of the girls were sick before the party, with Suzan and Bethany being sick the day before. Fortunately, Suzan, Anna and Brielle were feeling much better. It was just Bethany that was not up to par. Poor girly! Sick on your birthday! :( They did get to have some fun with us, brother, close friends of ours, Grammy and Miss Mary and her grandson, Austin. The weather was perfect for an outdoor birthday - Yay!

Suzan, Bethany, Anna and BrielleSuzan looking up at her Elmo balloonAnna :)Brielle...I forget what she was saying to me at this time - Ha!The Elmo balloons. Can't beat filled balloons for a buck at the $1 Store!Yes, Mama made Elmo hair bows for the girlies :) Their Elmo shirts too :)Anna reading some Elmo books that we got from G&G CarlsonThe Mama (yes, I'm eating pizza - Papa John's! YUM!)
Our good friends, the Murphys, came over for the party. Here, Ryan looking a bit serious ;)The Elmo cake. No, I did NOT make the cake. I wish! Albertsons made the cake ;)"Happy 3rd Birthday Suzan - Anna - Bethany and Brielle"Cake time! Suz...Anna...you can tell she's singing along with us - too cute!Bethany...she, too, sang along :)And BriellePics of them opening presents. AnnaAnna, Bethany and SuzanBrielleBrielle and AnnaWhat's funny is after guests left the party the girlies wanted to wear these new shirts from G&G Carlson IMMEDIATELY! Like "i'm-gonna-cry-my-heart-out-if-i-don't-wear-my-new-shirt-NOW!!!!" Ha! Needless to say, after their PM nap they took off Elmo and put on their new shirts ;) Oh, and wore them the next day too. Thanks G&G!These girlies are too cute, silly and sweet for us!!!! :D Happy 3rd Birthday Sweethearts :D
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