Monday, January 03, 2011

Thanksgiving 2010 - Part II, Disneyland!

Yes, I FINALLY remembered to post about our Disneyland portion of our Thanksgiving trip :) I know, it took me F-O-R-E-V-E-R ;)

We decided to take the kids + Grammy to Disneyland on Black Friday. It was crowded! If we do that again we'll go the day BEFORE Thanksgiving. In any case, the kids (Jared especially) enjoyed Mickey's place. And Disneyland was all decorated for Christmas so it felt very festive!

Here are some pics!

Disneyland Day! The 7 of us in front of DisneylandAnna, not so happy that her "1st visit" button was pinned to her Minnie shirt ;)BrielleBethanySuzanJaredThe Disneyland Christmas tree - Ooooo!Jared and GrammySleeping Beauty's CastleWaiting for the Mad Hatter Tea Cups. The girlies were SO good waiting in the lines (up to 30 or 45min for some rides!)Jared, Anna and Grammy going around and around and around and...Bethany giggling on the ride :)Suzan. Dad said to put her hands in the air and say "wheeeee!" ;)The kids in one of the tea cups :)We also went on the carouselAnd on the Casey Jr train rideWe HAD to go on It's a Small World! The Small World clock outside of the rideLunchtime! We sat by DL's Princess Court. The girlies enjoyed seeing the Princesses :)Paul and the girlies went back to our room for naps and so Grammy, Jared and I stayed to play some more at DL! Jared on the Autopia car ride. He drove (I pushed the gas pedal ;) )!!Grammy driving behind us. hands Grammy? ;)Jared was trying to give me a scared look here - Ha! ;)Sleeping Beauty's Castle all lit up at night - Oooooo!Maria and Jared in Main Street USAThe tree, all lit up!And the front entrance of DL, all lit up!
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izza said...

There's no place like Disney. It's all fun there and everything is beautiful. I Have to experience a Disney World Vacation by myself this Christmas with my kiddos also. Thanks for sharing your adventure!

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