Saturday, January 29, 2011

I {heart} Heart Day :)

Actually, I {heart} most holidays, Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter being my top favorites. I do, though, enjoy Valentine's Day too. It's just a fun day, with hearts, flowers and colors of pink and red :) I also {heart} decorating for these holidays. I only have a few Valentine's Day decorations...until this year. Somehow, and for some reason, I read a few crafty blogs and came across some fun Valentine's Day decor projects. So, with my love for all things crafty, I decided to try and make these projects.

First I made a crocheted heart garland to go across our fireplace. I know how to crochet but haven't in a LONG time! In any case, I searched online and on You Tube and found an excellent video tutorial to make the hearts. Then, I crocheted them together to make one long heart garland. I think it turned out pretty cute! It wasn't super difficult (usually took me ~15min per heart to crochet) or expensive ($2 for my J hook and $3 for the red yarn) to make either.

Close-upSecond, my next project was to make these cute Valentine topiaries I found here. Again, super easy and not too expensive to make. I like that! :) I got the pails from the $1 section of Target (woo hoo for Target!), the stick from Joanns for about $0.50, some $0.59 paint at Joanns to paint the sticks, a $1 or 2 for fabric and the red filler and roses at the $1 store. And I always save ribbon from wherever I get it, e.g. packaging, gifts, $1 stores. Here's how they turned out.

The 1st one, sitting in one of our nichesThe 2nd topiary, sitting on our sideboard near our basement stairs. I had the 2 metal signs already but the pink heart lights I picked up at Target too ($2.50 in the $1 section).Lastly, and I REALLY love this one!, I made a felt framed heart that I saw here. I didn't have a black frame so I purchased one at a second hand store for ~$2 and then painted it black ($0.59 paint from Joanns). It was a nice, beefy 8x10 frame - Sweet! Then, I got some burlap ($4/yd at Joanns) to cover cardboard and red and fuchsia felt ($3/yd at Joanns) to make the roses. It is easy to make the roses using this tut. Then, hot glue the roses to the burlap and Tada!...Oooo, I had way too much fun making these super cute Heart Day decorations! :D

Some of you might think "how and where in the world does she find time to do all this?" Really, it's not that difficult. Anyone can do this. It doesn't take a lot of time either. I think the crocheted hearts took me the longest time but only because I had to make 12 hearts altogether. So I did it over a couple of days, making 3 or 4 hearts a day. I usually did these projects during the girls' afternoon nap and then in the evening, when the kids are in bed.

It's fun, though! I {heart} Heart Day and I also {heart} anything crafty ;)

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Anonymous said...

Awesome craftiness Maria! I want to learn how to crochet so badly. I will definately check out that tutorial to see if it makes sense to me!


Brittany said...

Maria those crafts are ADORABLE!! Can you please show me the link to the tutorial/pattern for the heart garland? I'd love to make one for my desk at work!

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