Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Christmas 2010 - Christmas Eve

Only 1 more day until Christmas! The kids were excited! Jared especially, since we said they could open 1 or 2 presents Christmas Eve ;)

Here are some pics of our Christmas Eve!

Our very good friends, the Murphys, came over to visit with us Christmas Eve. Our kids love to play together with each other. We are SO blessed by having such good friends!! :)Before heading to church for Christmas Eve service, we let our kids open a few presents. The kids (especially the girlies) were so patient, taking turns and watching each other open the present. It was so sweet seeing them be excited for each other :)

New Christmas jammies (a tradition in our family ;) )...BethanyAnna showing me her new jammies. The kids were so sweet, holding up their present to show me what they got :)Jared got new jammies too!Yes, and socks ;)Brielle showing Daddy her new Christmas jammiesSuz wants to wear a bow on her head too - Ha! ;)Suzan - "oooo! new Christmas jammies!" :)Jared being silly :PWe let them open one more present, something fun for them to play with for the evening :) Sing-a-ma-jigs! This one for Suz in her "color." If you have not heard about these toys then you are missing out man!Bethany and hersEven one for Jared (he knew the girlies were getting them and wanted one too ;) )Brielle, SO excited about hers!Anna with her bright pink one ;)Anna watching the mouth open and sing on her Sing-a-ma-jigBrielle watching hersNee Nee watching hers too. They are pretty cool Bethany!The kids, ready to go to our church's Christmas Eve service. Cute kids! :)Next post? Christmas Day/morning! FINALLY! :)
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Anonymous said...

I've been enjoying all your pictures. thanks for the work of putting them up.

we ran across the sing a ma jigs at toys r us. they looked interesting. have you made all yours sing together?


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