Saturday, January 29, 2011

I {heart} Heart Day :)

Actually, I {heart} most holidays, Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter being my top favorites. I do, though, enjoy Valentine's Day too. It's just a fun day, with hearts, flowers and colors of pink and red :) I also {heart} decorating for these holidays. I only have a few Valentine's Day decorations...until this year. Somehow, and for some reason, I read a few crafty blogs and came across some fun Valentine's Day decor projects. So, with my love for all things crafty, I decided to try and make these projects.

First I made a crocheted heart garland to go across our fireplace. I know how to crochet but haven't in a LONG time! In any case, I searched online and on You Tube and found an excellent video tutorial to make the hearts. Then, I crocheted them together to make one long heart garland. I think it turned out pretty cute! It wasn't super difficult (usually took me ~15min per heart to crochet) or expensive ($2 for my J hook and $3 for the red yarn) to make either.

Close-upSecond, my next project was to make these cute Valentine topiaries I found here. Again, super easy and not too expensive to make. I like that! :) I got the pails from the $1 section of Target (woo hoo for Target!), the stick from Joanns for about $0.50, some $0.59 paint at Joanns to paint the sticks, a $1 or 2 for fabric and the red filler and roses at the $1 store. And I always save ribbon from wherever I get it, e.g. packaging, gifts, $1 stores. Here's how they turned out.

The 1st one, sitting in one of our nichesThe 2nd topiary, sitting on our sideboard near our basement stairs. I had the 2 metal signs already but the pink heart lights I picked up at Target too ($2.50 in the $1 section).Lastly, and I REALLY love this one!, I made a felt framed heart that I saw here. I didn't have a black frame so I purchased one at a second hand store for ~$2 and then painted it black ($0.59 paint from Joanns). It was a nice, beefy 8x10 frame - Sweet! Then, I got some burlap ($4/yd at Joanns) to cover cardboard and red and fuchsia felt ($3/yd at Joanns) to make the roses. It is easy to make the roses using this tut. Then, hot glue the roses to the burlap and Tada!...Oooo, I had way too much fun making these super cute Heart Day decorations! :D

Some of you might think "how and where in the world does she find time to do all this?" Really, it's not that difficult. Anyone can do this. It doesn't take a lot of time either. I think the crocheted hearts took me the longest time but only because I had to make 12 hearts altogether. So I did it over a couple of days, making 3 or 4 hearts a day. I usually did these projects during the girls' afternoon nap and then in the evening, when the kids are in bed.

It's fun, though! I {heart} Heart Day and I also {heart} anything crafty ;)

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Friday, January 14, 2011

Christmas 2010 - Christmas Day/Morning

We had a very blessed Christmas Day! We leisurely woke up. Well, we heard the kids wake up, not too early thank goodness!, and got up with them. The girlies were very excited to see their new baby strollers with their Sing-a-ma-jigs in them :) We let the kids open the rest of their presents, check out their stuffed stockings, ate a yummy French Toast Casserole breakfast (YUM!) and then got ready for the day. We took a nice neighborhood walk before lunch and then had Christmas dinner with Grammy in the evening and opened presents from Grammy. Again, a nice, fun and relaxing Christmas :)

Here are some pics!

Jared got a very cool and big Lego City set from Mom, Dad and G&G Carlson"thank you!"Stocking time!Yes, Santa hats and mini wooden yellow school buses for everyone :)New mittens for the girliesBooks and sweets too!And new Christmas socks for the girlies (which they are still wearing into the New Year ;) )5 cute kids Christmas morning! Jared, Brielle, Bethany, Anna and SuzanMore presents, from for the kidsBethanyAnnaBrielleSuzanKid videos from GrammyA game for the girliesYahtzee Jr TS3 for Jared from GrammyJared also got an Ipod for Christmas (from Mom and Dad). Jared rocking out on some kids Christian music and building away on his Lego set. Also, in the background are the girlies with their new baby strollers and "babies" ;) They LOVE those things, both the strollers and babies!!!!Now, it's 2011. WOW! Lots happening for us these next few months...Paul and I celebrate 11 years of marriage. 11, that just sounds crazy because it only feels like a few years :) The girlies will turn 3 and Jared will turn 7 in March. Yikes! We also have another family vacation planned for us in the spring. Jared signed up for baseball again. He's not in the t-ball group anymore. Now, it's coach pitch! He also wants to take his ROCK Bible discipleship group again here in the spring (Woo hoo Jared!) so he's signed up for that too. And as soon as you know it, summer will be here ;)

Hope you are enjoying your 2011 already!
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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Christmas 2010 - Christmas Eve

Only 1 more day until Christmas! The kids were excited! Jared especially, since we said they could open 1 or 2 presents Christmas Eve ;)

Here are some pics of our Christmas Eve!

Our very good friends, the Murphys, came over to visit with us Christmas Eve. Our kids love to play together with each other. We are SO blessed by having such good friends!! :)Before heading to church for Christmas Eve service, we let our kids open a few presents. The kids (especially the girlies) were so patient, taking turns and watching each other open the present. It was so sweet seeing them be excited for each other :)

New Christmas jammies (a tradition in our family ;) )...BethanyAnna showing me her new jammies. The kids were so sweet, holding up their present to show me what they got :)Jared got new jammies too!Yes, and socks ;)Brielle showing Daddy her new Christmas jammiesSuz wants to wear a bow on her head too - Ha! ;)Suzan - "oooo! new Christmas jammies!" :)Jared being silly :PWe let them open one more present, something fun for them to play with for the evening :) Sing-a-ma-jigs! This one for Suz in her "color." If you have not heard about these toys then you are missing out man!Bethany and hersEven one for Jared (he knew the girlies were getting them and wanted one too ;) )Brielle, SO excited about hers!Anna with her bright pink one ;)Anna watching the mouth open and sing on her Sing-a-ma-jigBrielle watching hersNee Nee watching hers too. They are pretty cool Bethany!The kids, ready to go to our church's Christmas Eve service. Cute kids! :)Next post? Christmas Day/morning! FINALLY! :)
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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Christmas 2010 - Gingerbread house building with Grammy

We've build gingerbread houses with Grammy for several years in the past (2007, 2006, 2005) so we did it again with Grammy this year (2010). Jared had fun! So did the girlies :) Jared, for the first time, built the entire house (and holding/squeezing of the frosting)! Usually Mama, Grammy and/or Cousin Tyler have done the frosting and gingerbread part of the building and Jared has done the decorating. He did a great job as builder. The girlies then joined in at the "decorating" stage of the building process ;)

Here are some pics of the fun time we had!The girlies were VERY patient, waiting and watching Big BrotherJared doing a great job!"mama, when can we open these?!?!?!""and these?!?!?!""these too, mama?!?!?!"Okay, NOW! Let the candy flood gates open!!!!!!!!!Grammy brought some "extra" candy, just in case some of the kids wanted to "taste test" the building materials ;)There it is!Poor Santa (on the left) started to "melt" a bit - Ha! Nice icicles on the roof line Jared!Next post? Christmas Eve!
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