Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Visit with Grandpa

Well, late this afternoon we got back from a last minute trip up north in AZ to see Grandpa. Wish we could have seen him under better circumstances. My dad was experiencing complications from a stent procedure he had done in his legs back in Thanksgiving week. He couldn't walk and was in pain. He was in the hospital for a few days then moved to a care and rehab center where he could work with physical therapy on walking and getting his legs better. In any case, when we got this news Paul, my mom and I said "we need to go see him!" So we did! I'm glad we did too. We got to visit with him and he got to see Jared and the girls. They bombarded him with lots of hugs, kisses, talking, running around and squealing - Ha! ;)

Here are some pics from our quick weekend visit up north.

After visiting with Grandpa on Saturday, we took a quick trip to the city park. Brrr! Was it cold! Us Valley folks are not used to 40* weather! ;) Jared giving me a silly look :PBrielle having fun swingingBethany on the swingsAnna looking sweet on the swingsSuzan running around. I barely get her to stand still for a picture! Crazy busy girly!Grammy and the kids running aroundBrielle soaking up the Grammy time. I think this little girly has Grammy (and Dad) wrapped around her little finger ;)Jared, Brielle, Bethany, Anna and Suzan watching Mickey's Christmas on our DVD player back at the hotel. THANK GOODNESS for Mickey (and other kid DVDs) and portable DVD players!!!Bedtime! Jared with his 4 sisters. Amazingly enough, 1) Mama and Grammy found a hotel that had a suite big enough to sleep all 8 of us and 2) the girlies still are able to all sleep on a mattress. Whew!Another visit with Grandpa the next day. Grandpa with his 5 grandkids...Jared, Anna, Brielle, Grandpa, Suzan and BethanyAnd now a pic with MamaWe had some "fun" and "interesting" driving weather while we were up there. Snow...Fog. Uff!!!And "yay! it finally clears up!" For those of you that live with this kind of stuff...glad I'm not you! Sorry to say that but it's true ;)Again, I'm happy that we were able to make a quick trip to see Grandpa/my dad! We're praying he can get better, walk better and not be in pain (or at least that it's manageable). Praying God heals him quickly and that he doesn't have to go back into the hospital/rehab again!
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