Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Train Engineers

It was cute. Today Jared remembered to build and put his GeoTrax train around and underneath our Christmas tree. Well, this afternoon, after the girlies' naptime, Anna and Bethany were playing with the train (they were the 1st girls up so they got 1st dibs ;) ). They were very sweet and gentle with it, knowing it is Jared's train (well, maybe theirs too ;) ). I showed them how to drive the train and they LOVED it! They enjoyed watching it go around our tree :)

Here are some pics (I only got Anna, though, playing :( ).

The train. Notice that the yellow train is pushing Santa and Santa's train. Santa's train is not powered by batteries ;)Anna playing with the train, probably giving it a push or getting it back on trackI see lots of "turns" taken among the 5 kids in order to play with the train ;) We have 2 battery-powered GeoTrax train engines and several "hand" powered trains, Santa's being 1 of them.

Again, it's really cute to see the girlies now playing with Jared's train set :)
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