Thursday, December 02, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010 - Part I, Turkey Day

For the safety of those with slow connections (and limited attention spans ;) ) I thought I would split our Thanksgiving trip into 2 parts. I took 395 pictures on our trip - Uff! No, they are all not here, thankfully ;) That would be picture overload!

Here is Part I, on Turkey Day. It was a good time, surrounded by aunts, uncles and cousins, and we stuffed ourselves silly with Aunt Norma's yummy food. Thanks again Aunt Norma for hosting and having us Zonis over :)

Mama was a crazy baker days before Turkey Day. I always bake and bring my pecan pies to Thanksgiving. All from scratch. Way too yummy!Jared requested me to bake and bring our famous sugar cookies for us to enjoy where we were stayingI also made some fun Mouse Ear sugar cookies for the kids to enjoy at our day at Disneyland :) Red for Jared and pink for the girlies ;)Did I mention that I was crazy for baking so much? Here, pumpkin bread. Yum!On the road, we stopped again at the dinosaurs just outside of Palm Springs. It was bitterly cold and windy, though, so we didn't linger too long outside ;)We made it! Turkey Day with family! Here, Jared playing poolBethany being silly ;)Anna playing with my cousin's twin boys, Sebastian and Damian. I believe that makes the girls and the boys second cousins?Suzan and Brielle hanging out, probably watching some Thanksgiving football ;)Damien, one of my cousin's twin sonsSebastian, the other twin boyBrielle, showing the boys how to strut your stuff wearing sunglasses - Ha! ;)I just thought this was a sweet picture of my Suz :DAnna, chillaxin with her sunglasses ;)Suz knows how to wear the shades too :)My cousins, Josh and Audrey, with my aunt (their mom), Candy4 of the 5 kids...Aunt Donna, Grammy, Uncle Todd and Uncle DarwinTime for some outside play...Suzan1st and 2nd born sisters, Suz and Anna3rd born sister, BethanyIn addition to baking, Mama also had some crazy fun making matching hairbows for the girlies. Yeah, Mama and her projects ;)Anna telling me some story, I believe :)1st, and only, born brother, Jared ;)I thought this was another cute picture of my Suz :)The Carlson Kids enjoying turkey dinner. Mmmmm! Mm!Aunt Candy and Cousin Audrey. Luv you beautiful ladies! :)Uncle Todd, Cousin Audrey, Aunt Candy and Cousin Josh. I DO have other aunts, uncles and cousins and not just these folks! ;) Somehow I just didn't get around to flashing my camera at everyone - boo hoo! :PGrammy and SuzanMe with my Cousin AudreyAunt Norma with her pup, Morgan. Thank you again, Aunt Norma, for doing SO much and hosting us again, each and every year!!Up next? Yes, you guessed it! DISNEYLAND! Yay! :D
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Jen said...

LOVE the girls outfits and hair bows. TOO CUTE! Looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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