Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Sedona Trip 2010

Yes, this post is late in the making! Like a month late :P Oh well ;) You forgive me, right? Ha!

This fall break we took us, the kids and Grammy to Sedona, AZ. Such a beautiful place! It was nice, sunny and cool! We took a few easy hikes, one at Red Rock State Park and the other at Bell Rock Pathway, enjoyed the fun games where we stayed at, ate out a couple of times, watched some fun videos from the library but, most of all, just enjoyed each other :)

Enjoy checking out pics of our trip!

No pack-n-plays for the trip this time. 1st time for us doing this! Ack! ;) Actually, the girlies did really well. Suzan, Bethany, Brielle (hiding under the covers ;) ) and AnnaOur first morning in Sedona. A trip to the Red Rock State Park, hiking an easy-peezy trail.Very beautiful!Oak Creek runs through the trail system at Red Rock State Park. We found a cool wooden bridge to venture over.Suz :)Getting back onto our loop trailThe girlies LOVED the fine red dirt in Sedona. It's like they've never played in dirt before ;) Suzan, Bethany (sitting) and Anna in the back.Our family :) Jared, Suzan, Maria, Anna, Paul, Brielle and BethanyThe next morning we went on another little hike on Bell Rock Pathway. Grammy with 56% of her grandkids ;) ...Bethany, Jared, Suzan, Brielle, The Gramminator and AnnaBell RockViews of more mountainsUs on the trailBethany, with red-dirt hands ;)Suzan, hands and face covered in red dirt ;) (and red rock in hand!)Anna, yes, more red dirt hands ;)Brielle, hands 100% attached to Daddy ;)Mr. P ;)The Carlson Arizona 7...Bethany, Paul, Brielle, Anna, Maria, Suzan and JaredLater that day we took a trip to a city park with a playground...Brielle swinging (she LOVES her swing time!)Bethany and AnnaSuz coming down a slideGrammy and Dad with the kids 5 :D
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