Saturday, November 20, 2010

Desert Botanical Gardens

We got a steal-of-a-deal on a Desert Botanical Gardens membership, thanks to Groupon! We've made a few purchases from Groupon. They have some awesome deals! You have to try it!

Anyways ;) , so I decided to put our DBG membership to use and take the girlies to it a few weeks ago. Grammy joined us too. It was fun! They have some nice, easy paths for the girlies to walk. We got to see hummingbirds, butterflies and lots of flowers and Arizona-native plants. In addition, we happen to be there when the Gardens had their "Chocolate and Chiles" event. Sweet! Literally ;) Us 6 girls induldged in several samples of yummy chocolatey goodness. Mmmm! :) Here are some pics of our morning outing.

Pictures of some native plants...a cactus. Yes, lots of cacti here in our state ;)Purple wildflower daisiesYellow daisiesGrammy with her girlies :)AloeMore AloeThe Gardens have a butterfly exhibit. The girls LOVED it! It was only Monarchs but come spring there are other species fluttering around too.The girls looking at all of the butterfliesI believe these are females. Males have spots on their tales and females do not. The butterfly expert in the exhibit told us that. Very interesting!Suzan was pretty proud that the shirt she wore had a butterfly on it - Ha! :DThe girlies after a snack of chocolate and homemade Kettle Corn Mama brought (again ;) )...SuzanBrielleAnnaBethany
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