Saturday, October 16, 2010

Goofy Glasses

Yesterday, Friday, I took the 5 kids to our public library for a kids event. I first found out about our library's events this past summer, when Jared was on summer break from school. They have the best events!...interactive, fun and perfect for kids. So, with Jared on fall break we registered for a couple of events they had going on. Yesterday's event was titled Goofy Glasses. The librarian read a story about a near-sighted frog, the kids played "I Spy" and then the librarian had several "stations" for the kids to rotate through, games on eyes and eyesight, interactive learning toys that were about eyes or eyesight (like a homemade periscope!) and then 2 crafts, 1 making binoculars and the other making Goofy Glasses. The kids had fun!

Jared. The Q-Tip was meant for spreading around the glue, but he had different ideas for it ;) Jared definitely thinks out of the box!Suzan. I think Suzan looks like a Super Hero here...Hawk Girl! Her wild curly hair completes the look too ;)Anna. Pom Pom Twin 1Bethany. Pom Pom Twin 2 - Ha! ;)Brielle. I could barely see Brielle's brown eyes through her feathers. I think she thought the same too - Ha! :DWe are lucky we have such great libraries here in town! Very close to us and always have fun things happening. Even better, the kids just like going to the library and looking at (and for Jared, checking out) all of their books and reading a few. Yay for that!!
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Anonymous said...

They all look so much older since I saw them last. the girls' hair is so long! Love the pictures.


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