Monday, September 06, 2010

Lots of changes

We've had lots of changes happening here in our household.

First, we moved the girlies from cribs to big girl twin beds! This happened back in July. We first moved Anna and Bethany (as they are together in a room). Thankfully the transition wasn't too bad! Yay!

Pictures of Anna's and Bethany's new big girl beds/room. Well, the dressers and decor we already had done. We just needed to split Jared's bunk bed and bring in the twin beds for the girls.Anna's bed on the left, Bethany's on the rightThen, after a week or so of Anna and Bethany sleeping in big girl beds we switched Suzan and Brielle (they share a room together too). Pictures of their room/beds.So, all four girls have been sleeping in big girl twin beds since, oh, the end of July. Suzan and Brielle are GREAT at staying in their beds. Anna and Bethany? Mmmm, sometimes they stay in bed and sometimes not ;) Thankfully, though, they have not made their room a disaster. Most of the time it's just one of the girls getting into each other's bed, opening up the shutters and playing together with loud squeals. Praise God the transistions went well!!

Second, the other (and most recent in the last day or two) change has been getting the kids an activity table. First, we thought the table would be great for Play-Doh play time, coloring, block building and, in the future for all 5 of them, homework time. Well, we decided to use the table for that AND......for mealtimes. For the longest time we've had the girlies still eat in our quad feeeding table and then Paul, Jared and I pull up 3 chairs to the feeding table and we all eat as a family of 7. It was quite the sight to see. Sorry, I didn't ever get around to taking pictures of us eating at the quad table. That would've been fun to have done!

Anyways, so we're going to try all 7 of us sitting at this new activity table for meals (in addition to the play time). So far, so good. The table's a bit low for Paul and I to eat at but hey, it works ;) We still have our kitchen table but like that these new chairs and table are just at the right height for the kids. No unexpected falls off our kitchen table chairs. Plus, the activity table and chairs are easy to clean (so was the quad table - LOVED that about it!!) So, we'll see how this goes ;)

Lots of change but all good change :)
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The Cochran Crew said...

Love their rooms!!! They look so grown sitting around that table! Precious!

Cassidy said...

next step..potty training ?
you are a great designer

Ayyob Family said...

I love the twin beds with the rails where did you get them from? I have boy / girl twins and they share the same room and will for sometime. This is the next step from the converter cribs.

Thanks, Heather

The Carlsons said...

Cassidy, yes I think that is the next step for us :P We already have the potty chairs and have done a little bit with the girls. Not there yet. Someday... ;)

Ayyob, actually we had one set of the beds as a bunk bed set that our son was using. Then, we got another bunk bed set for the other 2 beds. It's nice that, in the future, we can use them as a bunk but for now, while the girlies are little, we can split them into 2 separate twin beds. Oh, and they are Young America (Stanley) beds. They are nice and sturdy! We also purchased them online to save some $$. HTH and good luck!

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