Saturday, September 25, 2010

5 Fire Fighters In Training ;)

Remember last year when Jared built a fire truck at our local Lowe's Build and Grow clinic? And how they (the AMAZING Gert!) ask our local fire station to come on down with a fire truck or two for the kids? Well, that happened again this year and all 7 of us were there for the fun! This morning, Jared built a fire truck, the girlies enjoyed seeing the "truck," the kids looked cute in junior fire fighter helmets and they had fun hosing down the back road of Lowe's ;) Way too fun! Enjoy the pics of our Saturday outing!

Fire Fighter Anna :)Fire Fighter Bethany (with her cheesy smile too ;) )Fire Fighter Suzan :)Fire Fighter Brielle :)Paul and Jared buildingJared focused...And hammering away ;)The girlies...Anna, Suzan, Brielle & BethanyTime to listen and watch the fire fighters...Jared (holding Bethany), Brielle, Anna & Suzan. Jared also found 3 of his classmates at the clinic (1 sitting here next to him)All of the kids so intent watching the fire fightersBethany zoning out a bit ;)Anna with Daddy :DBrother and his sistersThe fire fightersSuzOne of the fire trucks. They are driving it around to the back to the fire hydrant. We know what that means!!!!!Time to spray some water! Woo hoo! ;) Jared...Bethany...She walked right up to the fire fighter, ready for her turn ;) ...I like Anna's look in this picture - Ha! The fire fighter turned the nozzle from stream to spray...Anna...Brielle...And Suzan...Wait, I don't have a picture of Suz's turn. Why? That's because she started crying and wanted nothing to do with holding that hose. Silly Suz ;)

Our 5 kids LOVED the Lowe's clinic today! Thanks again to Lowe's, to our local fire fighters and our city and to Gert, who always does a great job organizing and putting on the clinics! :)
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Polish Twins said...

Very nice pictures, and beautiful children:)
Greetings from Polish!
We wish you much luck and have a nice day.We hope you will visit our blog and add a comment.

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