Saturday, September 25, 2010

5 Fire Fighters In Training ;)

Remember last year when Jared built a fire truck at our local Lowe's Build and Grow clinic? And how they (the AMAZING Gert!) ask our local fire station to come on down with a fire truck or two for the kids? Well, that happened again this year and all 7 of us were there for the fun! This morning, Jared built a fire truck, the girlies enjoyed seeing the "truck," the kids looked cute in junior fire fighter helmets and they had fun hosing down the back road of Lowe's ;) Way too fun! Enjoy the pics of our Saturday outing!

Fire Fighter Anna :)Fire Fighter Bethany (with her cheesy smile too ;) )Fire Fighter Suzan :)Fire Fighter Brielle :)Paul and Jared buildingJared focused...And hammering away ;)The girlies...Anna, Suzan, Brielle & BethanyTime to listen and watch the fire fighters...Jared (holding Bethany), Brielle, Anna & Suzan. Jared also found 3 of his classmates at the clinic (1 sitting here next to him)All of the kids so intent watching the fire fightersBethany zoning out a bit ;)Anna with Daddy :DBrother and his sistersThe fire fightersSuzOne of the fire trucks. They are driving it around to the back to the fire hydrant. We know what that means!!!!!Time to spray some water! Woo hoo! ;) Jared...Bethany...She walked right up to the fire fighter, ready for her turn ;) ...I like Anna's look in this picture - Ha! The fire fighter turned the nozzle from stream to spray...Anna...Brielle...And Suzan...Wait, I don't have a picture of Suz's turn. Why? That's because she started crying and wanted nothing to do with holding that hose. Silly Suz ;)

Our 5 kids LOVED the Lowe's clinic today! Thanks again to Lowe's, to our local fire fighters and our city and to Gert, who always does a great job organizing and putting on the clinics! :)
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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Maria's Travels

Do you remember the story "Gulliver's Travels?" Well, recently I've been thinking about Gulliver. I remember in the story where he shipwrecks onto the island of Lilliput. He finds that he is a giant there, surrounded by tiny people. The one part of the story I vividly remember was when the Lilliputians throw tiny ropes around him, take him down and tie him to the ground. These little people do this to a big man!
So I've been joking with Paul saying "I feel like one day, here at home, I am going to be like Gulliver. Our girlies are going to join forces, throw little ropes around me and take me down!" Ha! Yes, I joke but somedays...I don't know. I can see them doing this ;)

So, if you don't hear from me for a while, just know I am trying to gnaw my way through ropes ;)

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Jared's 1st AR Dog Tag

"What's an AR Dog Tag?" you ask? Well, first what is AR. AR is short for Accelerated Reader. It's a reading program that Jared's school uses. Let me just copy and paste the description of it from the AR website here ;) ...

Accelerated Reader (AR) is the most popular and successful reading product of all time. AR’s advanced technology helps you:

•Make essential reading practice more effective for every student.
•Personalize reading practice to each student’s current level.
•Manage all reading activities including read to, read with, and read independently.
•Assess students’ reading with four types of quizzes: Reading Practice, Vocabulary Practice, Literacy Skills, and Textbook Quizzes.
•Build a lifelong love of reading and learning.

First, Jared had to take a reading comprehension test to see what reading level he is at. Amazingly enough, Jared scored in the 1.8 to 2.8 reading level. That means at a 1st grader, month 8th to a 2nd grader month 8th. WOW! And he JUST began 1st grade in July!

Second, now knowing his reading level, we can find appropriate books for him to read and enjoy. I use the AR Book Finder website a lot to find books for him. Also, all of his school's library books have a sticker on the inside cover indicating what AR reading level the book is at, e.g. 2.0, 2.4, 1.9. Sweet!

Third, starting in 1st grade all kids must read AR books and then take a reading comprehension test (aka AR Test) on the book when the child is ready. Each book, on that sticker on the inside of the book, has an AR Test number and then the AR points earned in taking the test. Most of Jared's books have a point value of .5. Jared, and actually ALL of his classmates, LOVE to take AR tests. They are taken at the computer. Even better, we can receive emails on when Jared takes an AR test and what his score is. Cool! :) So far, he has received mostly 100% on his AR tests. I took a snapshot of his progress to date.So fourth, and lastly, his school then has a reward program (aka AR Dog Tags) for the kids. They earn Dog Tags at certain point values...

Blue Tags: 10, 25, 50, and 75
Bronze: 100
Purple: 200
Silver: 300
Red: 400
Gold: 500
Green: 600
Orange: 700
Pink: 800
Maroon: 900
Black: 1000

Points are cumulative, they carry over from year to year, and students must have an average of 80% correct or higher to receive their dog tags.

Jared worked and worked and worked to get his 1st AR Dog Tag. He was taking an AR Test (or TWO!) each day at school. Way to go Jared! Today, when I picked him up from school he asked me "guess what i got mom?" I played with him a bit, making up silly answers ;) , then I gave up. That's when he brought out this!Woo Hoo Son! He is VERY proud of his 1st blue AR Dog Tag :)All kids get to proudly wear their AR Dog Tags on Spirit Days/Fridays. I know he'll be excited to wear his this Friday! :) I'm sure he'll be getting more of these in the future! And so will the girlies, when they get into school.

We have nothing but the best to say about AR! And especially nothing but THE BEST to say about Jared and his 1st AR Dog Tag!!!! :D
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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Which child...

Which child chatters with Mama the most?Which child makes Mama laugh the most?Which child snuggles with Mama the most?Which child loves to be with Mama the most?Which child dances with Mama the most?Which Mama feels loved by her 5 sweet and precious kids the most? ME!!!!! :)post signature

Monday, September 06, 2010

Lots of changes

We've had lots of changes happening here in our household.

First, we moved the girlies from cribs to big girl twin beds! This happened back in July. We first moved Anna and Bethany (as they are together in a room). Thankfully the transition wasn't too bad! Yay!

Pictures of Anna's and Bethany's new big girl beds/room. Well, the dressers and decor we already had done. We just needed to split Jared's bunk bed and bring in the twin beds for the girls.Anna's bed on the left, Bethany's on the rightThen, after a week or so of Anna and Bethany sleeping in big girl beds we switched Suzan and Brielle (they share a room together too). Pictures of their room/beds.So, all four girls have been sleeping in big girl twin beds since, oh, the end of July. Suzan and Brielle are GREAT at staying in their beds. Anna and Bethany? Mmmm, sometimes they stay in bed and sometimes not ;) Thankfully, though, they have not made their room a disaster. Most of the time it's just one of the girls getting into each other's bed, opening up the shutters and playing together with loud squeals. Praise God the transistions went well!!

Second, the other (and most recent in the last day or two) change has been getting the kids an activity table. First, we thought the table would be great for Play-Doh play time, coloring, block building and, in the future for all 5 of them, homework time. Well, we decided to use the table for that AND......for mealtimes. For the longest time we've had the girlies still eat in our quad feeeding table and then Paul, Jared and I pull up 3 chairs to the feeding table and we all eat as a family of 7. It was quite the sight to see. Sorry, I didn't ever get around to taking pictures of us eating at the quad table. That would've been fun to have done!

Anyways, so we're going to try all 7 of us sitting at this new activity table for meals (in addition to the play time). So far, so good. The table's a bit low for Paul and I to eat at but hey, it works ;) We still have our kitchen table but like that these new chairs and table are just at the right height for the kids. No unexpected falls off our kitchen table chairs. Plus, the activity table and chairs are easy to clean (so was the quad table - LOVED that about it!!) So, we'll see how this goes ;)

Lots of change but all good change :)
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