Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What's for dessert? Chocolate Sheet Cake

I hope you all have heard of Pioneer Woman. If not, then you have been deprived ;) She is THE best! Best in stories, photography, recipes, etc, etc. She has a blog but also just came out with a cookbook. Well, I peruse her blog AND just got her cookbook. YUM!

She has an awesome recipe for Chocolate Sheet Cake. Super easy and super yummy! Seriously! Carrie K also told me about the cake recipe. I just had to make it for dessert when we had Paul's family, aunt and cousin from ND and other cousin and his wife here local, over the other evening. Jayson, Paul's cousin, couldn't stop talking about the cake. He's a chocoholic too ;)

Seriously, MAKE THIS! If you have a family get together, a birthday party, a child dedication or baptism or just want something yummy to munch on after dinner then MAKE IT! Enough said :)
**Photo credits to Pioneer Woman

Happy Eating!
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Carrie K said...

Yum... I love that recipe! I've made it before and I'm coming over to get some.... ha ha!

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