Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rain rain don't go away. Come again another day...PLEASE! :)

Each summer we always look forward to getting a monsoon, or AZ summer, rainstorm. Some summers we are fortunate to get a lot of storms and some, well, are a big goose egg :P Fortunately, this summer we've had a couple of rain storms (usually occurring in the late afternoons or evenings). Today was one of those days! First, it starts out all cloudy. Then, we get a haboob, aka a big dust storm, roll through town. Then, wind. Then, if we are lucky, rain. The kids and I finished dinner and were watching "Ruff Ruffman" on PBS TV. I watched the sky get dark. Then it got windy. Then, the rain came. Woo hoo! I asked Jared and the girlies "want to go out in the back and play in rain?" They said "yeah!" and I said, "well, let's go!" So that's what we did about 2 hours ago ;) The rain was light at first but then it really came down. And windy rain too. Oh, and did I mention that it's even better when the temps go from 105* to 83*? Yup! :)

The kids all drenched! Mama got wet too (but no pic of that ;) ). Anna, Bethany, Jared, Brielle and SuzanMy wet boy, having fun in the rainMy curly wet SuzBethany...she had to give me her "cheesy" smile too ;)Anna Banana having fun :)Brielle and her cutie patootie smile too :)Then the fun was over, I guess, and I got a few faces like this - Ha! ;) ...Bethany - "i'm all DONE with this rain mama!!!!"Okay Bethany, we'll go inside now ;) It was fun running around in the grass and rain and also sitting on the back porch glider watching and feeling the rain and wind blow around. Rain is so refreshing, especially here in the hot, dry desert!
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Carrie K said...

We only had a few drops at our house! Bummer :) Glad you got soaked!

Debbie said...

not sure where you are at, but we have super hot/humid days here too. Rain? No problem...doesn't keep us in doors either! ha ha

Love the photographs - they are really good.

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