Wednesday, July 21, 2010

We are family...I got all my sisters with me

As you can tell (from pics and from reading our blog) Jared LOVES his sisters! And his sisters LOVE him!

It's very sweet. Jared always wants to hug his sisters, have them in pictures with him, help them with anything they need, eat with them, play with them, show them how to do cool big-kid things and enjoys helping me with the girlies.

In return, the girlies always look for him in the morning, say "hi jer!" at the dining table and in the van, love his hugs (as long as they aren't too tight and too long...a girl's gotta run around, you know ;) ) and enjoy giggling and joking with him. Big Brother and the 4 Sisters are very sweet with each other :D

Jared with Brielle and Bethany :DAnd Jared with Anna and Suzan :DThese 5 are just too cute!!!!! :)
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Kimberly & Alex said...

Jared certainly seems up to the challenge of having 4 little sisters! What a good big brother.

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