Thursday, July 22, 2010

VBS Week

Jared had a BLAST at our church's VBS (Vacation Bible School) this summer. The theme this year was "The Amazing Race - Sludged." So lots of references to races, racing, car races, bike races, you get the picture. Oh, and the sludged? Well, think of it as thick, chunky slime :) Each evening at the beginning of their time together they had some sort of race/challenge of boys vs. girls. The loser got sludged. As you might have guessed, the kids LOVED the sludge. Ha! Paul and I got to witness the kids' group time together and it was LOUD and a BLAST! Lots of screaming, cheering for your "boy" or "girl" in the race and singing your heart out with worship songs. They had fun playing with each other in their smaller groups and making crafts but most of all enjoyed learning about Christ. Their memory verse for the week was:

1 Corinthians 15:57 - But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.

What an awesome verse to memorize!! Here are some pictures from the VBS week.

Jared, all excited for VBS! He's wearing the "boys" shirt. The girls' shirts were the same but red. Each team got points for wearing "their color." They also earned points for reciting their memory verse and other such things.

The kids excited for worship!Yeah, that's a LOT of kids. 1090 kids to be exact!One of the challenges of the week. Again, the kids loved this.This challenge was to bob for cobs of corn among some "pig slop." Ewe! ;)It's sludge time! Boys lost! ;)Did I mention snacks too? Yeah, they got some yummy snacks for the week.Oh, and water fun too because did you know it's HOT here? Especially if you are outside? ;) Jared was so silly telling us how he got wet ;)I think this was some sort of relay raceGoing home the last evening of VBS Jared said to us “mom, can you register me for VBS for next year?” He’s ready for VBS for next year alright! Ha! ;) And maybe, MAYBE, if the girlies are 3 and potty trained by then they can join big brother in the VBS fun too! :)

We are very fortunate that we have a great church that has a great kids program! Praise God!!
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Wow! That is a LOT of kids in your church!!

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