Friday, July 09, 2010


Well, we've been enjoying our summer here in HOTLAND! ;) Actually, the weather hasn't been too bad. June was wonderful. July? Well, it's July in AZ ;) Hot and getting humid (as it's monsoon season). Our family has been keeping busy with play dates with friends, mornings at park splash pads (we have quite a few here in town - sweet!), swimming in our pool, swim lessons for Big Brother, library time, making crafts, celebrating Independence Day (very fun with good friends!) and keeping cool with A/C and ice ;)

The kids are getting big! They continue to be so sweet and cute, especially with each other! No, they are not angels 100% of the time but they are really good, I must say. They continue to keep us on our toes and make us laugh.
  • The girlies are talking more and more these days. They like to name everyone in our family, say "bye-bye" or "hello" to anyone we meet and to either of us leaving the house and have a cute phrase of "i see you! peek-a-boo!!" (usually with open hands over their eyes ;) ).
  • They are very aware of their surroundings.
  • They still love their shoes and "hair" (aka Mama putting their hair in pig or pony tails ;) ).
  • They care for one another by holding hands and playing "ashes, ashes" (aka Ring Around the Rosie), giving each other kisses and hugs/pats when one is crying and saying "sorry" when they hurt another's feelings.
  • They share...some of the time ;) But don't like to share Mama or Daddy with another ;)

Jared is doing great too! We only have about 2.5 weeks until school starts up again. 1st grade this year! I think he is excited.

  • He's been reading like crazy this summer! He is reading 1st grade, even 2nd grade, books! We go to the library weekly to get new books. He even signed up for the library's summer reading program and already finished it! Wow! I forget how many books was listed to read but it must've been something like 25+ books. He got prizes at certain points in the program. The last one, which he just got for finishing it, is book to keep and a ticket to see a Diamondbacks (baseball) game. Sweet! He is excited for it! Oh, and he continues to read books...on storms, how metal is made, about space and astronauts, any Magic School Bus book, how dams work, on electricity and on circuses.
  • Speaking of the circus, he was invited to see the Ringling Brothers Circus with our next door neighbors. He was SO excited for that! We are very fortunate we have such good and generous neighbors! He had a blast with his friend, Will. He talked non-stop about the circus and how he wants us to go with him again :D And bring the girlies ;)
  • Yes, he took swim lessons again this summer. Not that he can't swim but more to continue the skill. He did great! His class even went into the deep end of the pool and did some diving and treading of water. Wow!
  • Our church's VBS (Vacation Bible School) starts next week. He is very excited about it! He also moved up to the school-aged Sunday school this summer. 1st grade Sunday school! We got him a new "big-kid" Bible which he loves bringing to church. I can't believe he and his class are reading passages out of the Bible already, with references and all! Wow!
Here is a picture of our 5 sweet kids. Getting so big!They decided to march while I was taking pictures - Ha! :DAnd for some reminiscing, here are the kids last summer, 2009. Just 5 little pipsqueaks ;)Hope you are enjoying your summer!
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Prather Family said...

My oh my - look at how much they have grown. Yes it is hot here but spending time in the pool and splash parks is the way to go!

The Cochran Crew said...

Look how much they've grown! It's amazing how far babies and big kids can come in a year!!! Hard to believe school is just around the corner again! Love ya!

King Quads said...

The just get cuter with the one of big brother holding the girls hands! Enjoy every minute of your Summer.

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