Monday, July 05, 2010


Okay, do you remember me telling you about Suzan and her fascination with shoes? Well, she still has a fascination with them ;) Just yesterday, the girlies were playing in our family room in a play tent and tunnel we have for them. I looked into the tent to see how silly there were being and, to my surprise, only found 3 girls in there. I said "okay, where's Suzan?" My husband said "I think I saw her heading into our bedroom." "Oh my," I said. So I went in there, saw the light to the master closet on and then peeked in there. This is what I found :DI about died laughing! I ran out to tell Paul "you have to come and see this!" He did and laughed. Apparently, she still likes shoes ;)I had to take pics of her and her little silly face. She always makes this face with me, a scrunched-up nose look ;) Oh, and notice in the background that she kept the pairs of sheos together. Smart girly! She also likes to build things with the Lego Duplo blocks we have. I think she is going to be a little engineer of some sort, with her organization, building and critical thinking skills ;)What a silly...yet sweet little girly!!Jared wanted to get in on some pictures too (and see what Suz did in our closet! ;) )I told my friend this story of Suzan and she said "well, you know boys like to line up cars. i guess girls like to line up shoes." ;) Ha! Apparently so!
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Anonymous said...

That is why grandpa and granma caller the "little thinker"

Very clever....

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