Friday, July 23, 2010


Ouch is right! And it looks worse in person. Jared's eye met the side of the coffee table yesterday when he was playing with Anna. Ouch! Poor guy! Lots of ice was applied, optic motor and focus skills checked and pain meds taken. I think it's going to turn into a nice black and blue shiner there :( It's puffy/swollen too :( Not a fun way to end the summer. And just in time for his "meet-the-teacher" night and school to start. Oh well :P

Yes, school starts back up next week. "Already?!?!?" you ask. Yes, our school district is on what they call a "modified year-round" schedule. We experienced it for the first time last year and we like it.

Last evening Jared met his new 1st grade teacher, saw his new room, new desk, new playground and new lineup location. He is excited for 1st grade! And we are excited for him! :D
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Anonymous said...

Does Jared get more school days out of a year round school?
Anonymous follower :)

The Carlsons said...

If you are talking about him having more days of school attendance due to year-round, I think it's whatever the AZ education law states, which is kids k-12 to attend 180 days of school.

If you are talking about days off, or vacation days, it's nice in that at the end of the quarters they get a little over 2 weeks off. So about 3 2-week breaks during the school year (plus onesie and twosie days off here and there). Then, in the summer, it's about 7 weeks off. It's nice!

Plus, research shows that students who attend school year-round retain more information and have to spend less time reviewing old material when a new school year begins.

Hope that answers your question :D

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