Monday, July 26, 2010

A great 1st day at 1st grade!

Yes, Jared had a great 1st day at 1st grade today! Yay! He was excited to see (and play with) his friends from his Kinder class. Actually, there are about 5 or 6 of his former Kinder classmates in his 1st grade class. And he sits by 2 of them already! Very fun!

Jared, all smiley on our way to school. Thank goodness it was overcast and cooler this morning! Whew! ;)Not too hot for the kids to play on the "big kid" playground before the bell rang. Jared enjoys the swings :)Bell rang, the kids find their backpack in line, get lined up and are ready! Just before going in Jared gave me a timid smile and said "i'm not sad." Awe! I gave him a great big hug, a kiss on his head and said "have a GREAT day at school! have fun!!"And he did have fun! :D We praise God for our great school and for Jared's 1st grade teacher. She seems really nice and fun. Praying he has an awesome year at 1st grade! :D
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