Saturday, June 26, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend 2010!

No, you did not read that post title incorrectly. Uff! It has been WAY TOO long since I last blogged on here! No, we did not fall off the face of the Earth ;) We are still here, alive and kickin'. It's just been busy these days chasing 5 kids.

I did not get to blog about our trip up north for Memorial Day weekend back in May. This is our 3rd road trip with the girlies, our 2nd time with them up north on vacation (last time was July 2009). We had a blast! It's nice now that the girls are older and more independent. We stayed in the same place we stayed before. It's nice in that it has 3 bedrooms + fold-away sofa bed, 2 baths and a full kitchen (in-house laundry too!). The weather was PERFECT! We just relaxed, enjoyed the cooler weather, spent time outdoors and had lots of family time, e.g. mini golf, swimming and mmm! s'mores! :D ).

Paul and Jared gathered around the fireplace roasting marshmallows. Jared REALLY enjoyed this!YUM!That's a yummy looking s'more there!Jared, content munching on his s'more :DWe ventured out to a nearby park. The kids enjoyed getting outside and playing. Brielle - "look over there mama!"Oh, I see! The other girlies are going down the slide.And Dad and Jared sliding too ;)Suzan having fun with the cool breeze blowing through her hair :)We also ventured out in our "back yard" behind where we were staying. The kids had fun finding pine cones and such.Suzan - "wow mama! look what i found!!"Brielle playing and looking for pine conesAnna exploringBethany found a stick to play with ;)Jared and his standard "silly face" :PThen, on another day, we ventured up to the local ski resort that is on summer hiatus. Although, there is still some snow up there. Yes, snow in AZ in May! Cool! Yeah, not enough to ski/snowboard on but enough to make snowballs and a snowman. The girlies with Grammy, checking out a patch of snowJared asked Paul to go up further on the hill to a different patch of snow. Can you see them up there?A close-up of Jared throwing a snowballGrammy and Mama had their own snowball fight. Note here, I like this picture of Grammy throwing the snowball but notice Bethany in the background? Yes, she is chewing on a stick! Ha! Actually, I think she is trying to chew or lick off the snow on the end of the stick, the stick that we were digging in the snow with. Only Bethany, I tell ya! ;)Paul helping Jared build a snowman, or what I called a snow toddler ;)Almost done with itI loved seeing all of these baby Ponderosa Pines growing!Jared and his snowman :DA view of the mountain top...beautiful!!Then, on our last day there, we had a fun visitor stop by. I believe this is a Blue Jay. Any bird watchers know for sure?Again, we had a fun Memorial Day weekend! Much fun and very kid- and family-friendly. We can't wait to go back again real soon!

P.S. I also wanted to mention that I FINALLY updated our Easter post with pictures! Yay! So, check it out! :D
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Anonymous said...

The bird is a Stellar's Jay =)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad someone identified the bird. I have bluejays and I did not think it looked like that.


Anonymous said...

That is a cool bird. We live in NY and we have lots of Blue Jays, but yours is a kind of a Blue Jay called a Steller's Jay. Very neat! PS ... Love your blog and watching your kiddos grow! :)

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