Friday, May 14, 2010

First time eating out at Costco

I remember, BQ ("Before Quads"), when Jared and I would occasionally "shop" around Costco and then grab lunch there at their "food court." It's super cheap and yummy! Like $1.50 for a 1/4lb hot dog AND a refillable soda?! Or $1.99 for a HUMONGUS slice of pizza?! And let's not forget their yummy, yet also cheap, desserts...a whole buck for a HUGE churro or $1.50 for a GINORMOUS chocolate-dipped ice cream bars?! Okay, I digress on the yummies ;) I think both Jared and I enjoyed the 1:1 time we had. I know he enjoyed it (for the fact that he still talks about it ;) ). Well, today was the first time I ate lunch out at Costco WITH THE GIRLIES! Woo hoo! I do have to point out that my mom came with us (thanks again Mom!). We did the usual "shop around" a bit and then it neared our lunch time so we grabbed lunch there. The girlies were PERFECT! To the point of people coming up to me and saying "your girls are too cute and SO well behaved!" Thanks for the sweet comments, folks!

Suzan and Bethany munching down on their cut-up hot dog. Yeah, Bethany being a smiley goofball, as usual, and Suz had a mouthful ;)Brielle and Anna eating tooWill this be the last time we eat out at Costco with the girlies? Probably not. I don't know if we will make a regular habit about it but an occasional "hey, let's go bum around Costco and then grab lunch" kind of thing. The girlies are getting to the point that they LOVE (and that is an understatement...they loudly squeal for "shoes!" "socks!" and "outside!" all the time now!) to get out and about now, wherever it may be. I'm happy that the girlies are old enough (and I'm more confident!) now to take out to places. And, most of all, they LOVE it! :D
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