Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring and Vikings

I forgot that I didn't post these pics of the girls enjoying our springtime weather. We still get outside whenever we can! The weather has been nice these last few weeks and the girlies get SO excited (that's an understatement ;) ) when I ask them if they want to get their "shoes" on and go "outside." Lots of squealing occurs :D

Bethany and Anna picking flowersBethany, inspecting her yellow daisyMy 2 PeasAnna, concentrating on this little yellow ball she hadThe girls like me putting the flowers in their hair. Here, BrielleI had to laugh at Anna Pie here. She was being too silly. I think she was blowing/spitting out a twig or something ;)Suz ALWAYS likes her hair done. She has such sweet, dark curly hair!Brielle and Anna, Queens of the Castle!!Oh, and apparently I took some funny pictures of some of the girls wearing this hat. Well, it was a Mickey D's Happy Meal box that you could turn into a hat. It was a Viking hat, for the movie "How to Train Your Dragon." I just had to put it on the girls. Ah, them channeling their Viking roots/heritage ;) Ha! Don't they make some cute little girly Vikings? :D

BethanyAnnaAnd SuzanI still have lots more pics to post of our Easter! Soon. Soon. :D
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