Friday, April 16, 2010

Out for a nature walk

A close-up picture of Ocotillo flowersI thought it would be good (and fun!) for the girlies and I to get outside today. Something to 1) keep the girlies busy and 2) enjoy our cooler weather before it gets to HOT! Well, I found a very fun and beautiful outdoor park/preserve/wildlife habitat in our city here. So, the girlies and I went out for a nature walk this morning!

The girlies walking around the park. Good thing I decided to bring the Quad Mobile because the girlies got tired, at times, and wanted to stroll vs bipedal. Suz was one of them ;) Bethany, Anna, Brielle and Suzan.Anna, Suzan, Bethany and Brielle taking a juice break ;)All of the flowers/foliage were in bloom! Here, a Prickly Pear cactus flower. Soooo beautiful!California PoppiesSome pink flowers (either Penstemon or Salvia)Okay, another break. This time for a snack of oranges, graham crackers and juice. Suzan, Bethany, Brielle and AnnaAn Ocotillo cactus. They have such colorful flowers! (see first pic in the post)Teddy Bear Cholla cactus. The one thing about Cholla is if you are around one, watch where you step! Cholla are known to "drop" their arms onto the ground (as you can see from this pic). "Ouch!" if you step on one.More Prickly Pear flowers. I always love to take pics of this flower!And yet another stop/break for us girls. You can't take too many breaks with 8 little 2yo legs ;)I would definitely go back to this park. Very fun to walk/stroll with the kids!post signature


Kami Lambe said...

Love the pics...and oh how I miss Arizona!


jenn said...

first time i have left a comment, but ive been stalking your blog for a while....your 4 girls are the cutest and jered is a handsome little dude!
and i just LOVE all the flower pictures...i live in the midwest (right outside of st louis) and we dont have anything like that!

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