Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter! Oh, Happy Day!!

Happy Easter everyone! Praise God for Jesus! He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!! Yay! :D

Another favorite song of mine by Tim Hughes. Oh, Happy Day Indeed!!!!!!!!!!!

**updated with pictures of our Easter!**

The kids Easter 2010 pictureJared and I baked sugar cookies (ahhh! I ALWAYS love that recipe!) for Easter this year. We had fun! So many cute Easter cookie cutter and so many sprinkles/sugars/jimmies to decorate them with ;)Ready for the ovenMmmm! Hot out of the oven!Our decorating mess ;) Hey, you can't enjoy decorating sugar cookies unless you have a mess in the end!The cookies all decorated and ready to eat!Apparently Bethany approves of the Easter sugar cookies ;)This picture is just too funny! That's Brielle's little hand helping Bethany clean up - Ha!Suzan approves of the cookies too :DJared and I also dyed eggs for Easter"Happy Easter!"Our eggsEaster morning. The girlies check out their Easter baskets...Bethany trying out her new sunglassesAnna checking out her basketBrielle - "these are my very own sunglasses? yay!"Suzan and her sunglassesSuzan likes the pinwheel tooThen, we had a little Easter egg hunt in our back yard. All 5 kids enjoyed it! Bethany seeing what's in these colored eggs - "hey! there's nothing in here?!?!"Bethany finding eggsBethany's basket-o-egg-loot so farAnna finding eggsSuzan looking for eggsBrielle on the egg huntUnfortunately Anna did not realize to utilize her basket in storing and carrying her egg loot. Instead, she tried to carry them all in her arms - Ha!See her basket?Bethany and Brielle looking high and low for eggsJared and Suzan paired up and got a whole lotta eggs!Anna and Bethany still looking. Anna did finally figure out to use her basket :)Done hunting for eggs. Now an egg break...hard boiled eggs that is. Anna...Suzan...Brielle...And BethanyWe went to our friends' house for Easter dinner. We had another Easter egg hunt there, played, ate a yummy Easter dinner and our friends brought out the chicks they got for Easter. Fun! Here, Gracie M :DJared playingBethany being queen of the castle ;)Other friends of ours came over too...Seth HRyan MAnna playing a bitBethany trying to play ball, just like the big kids :DBaby Russell MChick time!Jared holding one of the chicksWe've added a LOTS of kids among our 3 families these last few years! Here, Easter back 2006. 4 kids. Jared, Seth, Owen and GraceHere, back in Easter 2007. 5 kids. Jared, Grace, Owen, Ryan and SethAnd now in 2010. 10 kids! Whoa! That's a lot of kids here! Ryan, Brielle, Bethany, Jared, Suzan, Owen, Seth, Anna, Grace and Russell.
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