Saturday, April 17, 2010

Birthday Pics of the Kids

We FINALLY got birthday pictures taken of our 5 sweet kids. Yay! They ALL did SO well. I tell you, our kids (especially the 4 2-year-olds ;) ) are WAY TOO good to us by being patient and waiting so well. No fussing. No crying. No fidgeting. No meltdowns. Just sweet, patient kids. WOW!

The big and handsome 6-year-old boy :D Jared...4 2-year-olds! The girlies all together. Suzan, Anna, Bethany and BrielleSmiley Suzan!Adorable Anna!Beautiful Bethany!Boisterous Brielle!What handsome, beautiful, sweet and loving kids we have! Praise God for all 5 them!!!!!
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Anonymous said...

Love the pictures! I still need to get Kezia in for her 4 year birthday picture, and I have no specific excuse. I better do it before I totally forget about it.


Anne said...

So cute! All of your kiddos are adorable! I still can't believe how fast Jared has grown up! I can still remember him in the nursery with that beautiful head full of dark hair! Happy birthday to all the sweet littles Carlson kiddos

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