Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Training

Yes, it's spring training here. That means, also, that Jared has started up with baseball again for this season. He is excited about playing baseball again. He just had his Opening Day Ceremonies and first official game last Saturday. He is a cute little ball player, I tell you! :D He did great at his first game, hitting 1 pitched ball and 2 off the tee. Oh, and not getting out. Way to go Jared! Here are some pics of the boy. Enjoy!

The handsome ball player :DJared with some of his team matesWaiting for the Ceremonies out on the fieldI think he's looking for Mama as he walks out onto the field with his teamThe airplanes going over head again this year. The kids love them!That's Jared's team, out there in the orange shirts. I think they said there are about 80+ teams and over 1,000 boys and girls playing baseball this year. And that's just in our city!Each team gets announced, walks around the bases and them comes out from the field. Jared, walking out from the field.Schedule permitting, the girlies will be able to attend and cheer on their Big Brother at some of his games. Hey, what 6-year-old boy gets to have 4 cheerleaders of his very own? ;)
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Anonymous said...

cant wait to see more pics i still have baseball stickers to use

tammy jorgenson

Betsy Gilbride said...

Love the pics! Hope he has a great season!!

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