Monday, March 08, 2010

Resurrection Eggs

Have you heard of this? Resurrection Eggs by Family Life? I just came across it the other day. It looked SO cool to do with the kids at Easter time that I purchased it, from Here is a description of it...

"Teach your children the true meaning of Easter with a unique dozen of interactive eggs, each containing one object pertaining to the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Colorful plastic eggs with visual reminders are a proven learning tool for children age 3 and up. Directions are provided in English and Spanish; use for Sunday School, family devotions, and sharing the good news that Jesus lives!"

Awesome! So, I just received it in the mail today. Ooooo! I am so excited to do this with the kids before Easter!

The kit is well made. The egg carton is a hard plastic and so are the eggs. Plus, a lot of the "hidden items" inside the eggs, e.g. Judas' coins, a crown of thorns, a spear, are durable so the kit can definitely be used year after year.
I also love that it comes with a booklet that you can go through with your kids, with a meaning of the hidden item for that day and a corresponding Bible verse. I'm telling you, this is way too cool! It says for ages 3 on up. I think Jared will enjoy this and I hope that they girlies will too, when they get a bit older.
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Carrie K said...

Very fun! We LOVE playing with our set and I have even seen them @ Walmart if you have friends who don't want to order online! It's such a great teaching tool for Easter.

Josh and Nancy said...

Here from Multiples and More. Miss Patty Cake has an Easter special that goes through the Ressurection Egss too! Our house loves it!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the idea, Maria. These would be great. I'll have to fight the girls to not take the pieces all over the house. I'll look at Walmart and see if I can find them. If not I should order some.


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