Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy 6th Birthday Jared!

Today is the day! Jared was born SIX years ago! Wow! I still feel like he is an itty-bitty little guy. Well, those of you that know Jared and our family's genes know he was NEVER little but you get my drift ;) God blessed us SO much with our most sweet, loving, generous, kind, smart and funny boy! We could not have asked for a sweeter son! God is SO GOOD to us!!

Maria, the morning of Jared's delivery six years ago!Jared is born! Yes, he was a c-section baby. If you recall he was a BIG baby. 10 days early and 10 lbs! We know how to grow 'em big, I guess ;)Jared coming home from the hospital. This is one of my favorite newborn pics of him. And yes, he had a LOT of hair too. Lots of hair runs, apparently, in our family too ;)Jared, just this morning, on his birthday! Six years old and enjoying his requested birthday breakfast...pancakes! Always his favorite :DWe pray for continued wisdom, guidance and understanding from God in parenting our son. We pray for his future and his walk with God! We (Mom, Dad, Suzan, Anna, Bethany and Brielle) love you Jared!!!!!!
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