Thursday, March 04, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday to Our Sweet Girlies!!!!

Yes, today the girls turn 2! Wow! They are SOOOO precious and we feel VERY BLESSED that God gave them to us! God is amazing! May God continue to mold and shape our girls and may He continue to give Paul and I wisdom, joy, peace and love in how we raise them. They are such sweet and wonderful girls!!!!

Suzan Faith, at birth (3lb 13oz)Suzan Faith, at 2 years old!!Anna Joy, at birth (4lb 3oz)Anna Joy, at 2 years old!!Bethany Hope, at birth (4lb 11oz)Bethany Hope, at 2 years old!!Brielle Grace, at birth (3lb 9oz)Brielle Grace, at 2 years old!!And in case you were wondering what is written on their shirts..."one cute birthday girl" That is DEFINITELY true for each of them! :D (thanks, again, Misty U for the awesome girly clothes you pass on to us!!!! :D We SO appreciate it!)We are going to have a little party at our home on Saturday. Here is what I put together for the invite. I had way too much fun putting it together ;) And yes, it's ladybugs.Giving HUGE praise to God for all that He did when I was pregnant with the girls, that He did at the girls birth and in these last 2 years and for all that He is going to do in and through our daughters' lives!!!!
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Anonymous said...

I love the shirts.I think Pink is all of thier colors.Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GC(the younger one!!)

Amber said...

Happy Birthday! What cute pictures!

Triple Threat said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Suzan, Anna, Bethany and Brielle! Hope your day is wonderful.

On a side note, I'm living in AZ and I never really got to get in touch with you but I wanted to say hello and if you ever find the need to pass on some girl clothes, I have little ones in need too! I have BGG triplets (7mos) and I found my doc, actually through your blog as well as someone else's. Thank you for all your help, eventhough you never knew it, your blog helped me out and still does, a lot!

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