Monday, March 01, 2010

3 days till 2!

3 days?!?! How can that be? SERIOUSLY! 3 days until our girlies turn 2! Oh man! It feels like we just brought them home from the NICU! It feels like just the other day they were all squished into this belly of mine! ACK! ;)

Maria at 30w2d, or about 2 weeks before the girlies were born. Were all 4 of them really in there?Now, they are all over the place, walking, running, jumping, climbing and talking. They are SUCH PRECIOUS little girly blessings from God! We give ALL PRAISE to Him who created them and gave them to us to care for!!!!
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Kami Lambe said...

Wow! Congrats on two years!

Jutta said...

Oh my gosh - you really were like a huge pregnant mom by that time - and definitely for a good reason why, too. You did a good job and was prized sooo well. Congratulations x 4 !!!!! Once more like a great congratulation for you parents only!! All the best from the reader from Finland Scandinavian Europe

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