Wednesday, March 31, 2010

2 Peas in a Pod

A get a lot of folks asking me "so, are Anna and Bethany closer to each other since they are identical? like they have a closer bond with each other?" Well, sometimes and sometimes not. There have been times that they play so close with each other or like the same thing yet other times (sometimes more than often ;) ) that they aggravate or irritate each other. So "yes and no" to these comments. Just because they are identical doesn't necessarily mean that they are the same in EVERYTHING. I can attest to that, as their Mama :D

Anna (looking down) and Bethany (looking up)
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Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Training

Yes, it's spring training here. That means, also, that Jared has started up with baseball again for this season. He is excited about playing baseball again. He just had his Opening Day Ceremonies and first official game last Saturday. He is a cute little ball player, I tell you! :D He did great at his first game, hitting 1 pitched ball and 2 off the tee. Oh, and not getting out. Way to go Jared! Here are some pics of the boy. Enjoy!

The handsome ball player :DJared with some of his team matesWaiting for the Ceremonies out on the fieldI think he's looking for Mama as he walks out onto the field with his teamThe airplanes going over head again this year. The kids love them!That's Jared's team, out there in the orange shirts. I think they said there are about 80+ teams and over 1,000 boys and girls playing baseball this year. And that's just in our city!Each team gets announced, walks around the bases and them comes out from the field. Jared, walking out from the field.Schedule permitting, the girlies will be able to attend and cheer on their Big Brother at some of his games. Hey, what 6-year-old boy gets to have 4 cheerleaders of his very own? ;)
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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pictures of the Birthday Boy!

Here are some pictures of Jared celebrating his birthday. We had a small party at Makutu's Island this year. He invited his friends from school to come and party with him. I think they all had fun!

Jared and some of his friends from school, Ella and Will.Rachel and CooperEthan and AlecThe kids played first and then had pizza and cake afterwards. Here they are enjoying some pizza! Jared and RachelEthan and WillAlec and CooperCake time! Happy Birthday Jared!Jared listening to us sing "Happy Birthday!" to him and getting ready to blow out his candles!Here he goes!Yay!Jared opening his presents from his friends. Very generous and sweet friends of his!!After pizza, cake and presents the kids had some more fun playing arcade games. Here, EthanRachelWillAnd Jared, motorcycle maniac ;)With Jared's presents from his grandparents and us we got him a very cool radio-controlled truck. He SOOOOOOOO loves it and wants to drive it ALL the time now!Jared, proud owner of his first truck ;) Oh, and it can go up to 30 MPH. That's just crazy!!Jared also got a cool Makutu's shirt from his birthday partyJared requested pancakes for his special birthday breakfast. Why did I even have to ask him? I know he LOVES pancakes!! :DWe then enjoyed leftover cake at home, after dinner, with his sisters. It was sweet. Anna was trying to sing "Happy Birthday!" to Jared. Awe! Dad lighting the candles on Jared's cake.Our sweet and handsome 6-year-old Birthday Boy!Taking a deep and huge breath to blow out all of those candles!!Jared noticing that some of the candles relit. No, they are not prank candles!Last breath!What fun we had celebrating Jared's 6th birthday! I still can't believe he is six now! He already looks bigger and older to me :D

Thank you to God, again, for giving us Jared! He is our precious son!!!!!!
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Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy 6th Birthday Jared!

Today is the day! Jared was born SIX years ago! Wow! I still feel like he is an itty-bitty little guy. Well, those of you that know Jared and our family's genes know he was NEVER little but you get my drift ;) God blessed us SO much with our most sweet, loving, generous, kind, smart and funny boy! We could not have asked for a sweeter son! God is SO GOOD to us!!

Maria, the morning of Jared's delivery six years ago!Jared is born! Yes, he was a c-section baby. If you recall he was a BIG baby. 10 days early and 10 lbs! We know how to grow 'em big, I guess ;)Jared coming home from the hospital. This is one of my favorite newborn pics of him. And yes, he had a LOT of hair too. Lots of hair runs, apparently, in our family too ;)Jared, just this morning, on his birthday! Six years old and enjoying his requested birthday breakfast...pancakes! Always his favorite :DWe pray for continued wisdom, guidance and understanding from God in parenting our son. We pray for his future and his walk with God! We (Mom, Dad, Suzan, Anna, Bethany and Brielle) love you Jared!!!!!!
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