Friday, February 19, 2010

More Sand, Sun, Slide and Swing Time!

Yes, the girlies and I ventured outdoors this morning and enjoyed lots of play time at our neighborhood park. They love that place! Plus, our weather is GORGEOUS this time of year so I figured we might as well get in some outdoor play time while we can. I'm glad we did. The girlies had fun having some more sand, sun, slide and swing time at the park. They also played with some neighborhood friends, a set of BG twins and a little boy with his dad. Enjoy the pics!

Bethany, enjoying the view from the top of the slide equipmentAnna playing under the slide. Looks like she enjoyed a mouthful of sand again ;)Suzan's turn down the slideBethany and Brielle coming down the slides together..."wanna race, sister??" ;)Now it's Anna and Brielle racing!Anna coming down the slideBrielle playing at the "concession stand" - "mama, do you want something to eat or drink while you enjoy the races?"Suzan coming down the slide again. Yes, I think the girlies wore a path in the sand and stairs from going up and down the slide so much ;)Suzan - "weeeeeeeeeeeee!"Smiley Brielle, looking too cute :DBrielle scooting towards the top of the slideSuzan at the stand now. Looks like she's selling wiffle balls and such ;)Bethany's turn at the standAnna's turn again. I just love her look here..."you want WHAT?!?!?!?"Beautiful Bethany!Boisterous Brielle! ;)Here is a picture of one of the twins we met. His name is Laza (meaning "my God has helped"). He was there with his twin sister, Masha (like Miryam which means "wished-for child"), and his grandpa, grandma and great aunt (who are all visiting from Serbia - VERY dedicated and involved grandparents!). It was fun to see the girls play and share with him and his sister. Plus, I loved hearing him, his sister and his family members speak Serbian. A very beautiful language! Isn't he a cutie too!Suzan, playing with the little carrying bag for the sand toys. She's funny with that bag :DBrielle sharing her sand rakeMore slide time for Anna and BrielleBethany coming down the slideWe're going to enjoy all of the park time we can in these last few months before summer hits us! Sand, sun, slide and swing HERE WE COME! ;)

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Margo said...

I think they just get cuter every time you post! I love their hair bows too :)

quadmom said...

Hi Maria,
It was so great to finally meet you also a couple of weeks ago. I would love to get together with you some Friday morning. I'm not sure how to contact you without the whole world knowing it. I should have gotten your email or phone number. I'll check our schedule and get back to you soon. I just love all of those pictures of your adorable kiddos. Your girls aren't babies anymore. I can't believe how full and beautiful their hair is. You're so impressive Maria--you made Valentine shirts for your girls. So cute!! Those enchiladas look amazing. I hope that you're doing great and we'll be in touch. Take care, Jayne

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