Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hope you are enjoying your Valentine's Day today. We sure are, with our 5 sweetheart kids here! First, Jared and I had fun yesterday baking, frosting and decorating heart-shaped sugar cookies. YUM! Yeah, I think my tummy has had its fill of them already ;)

Can you say "mmmmm! mm!"?I used my Christmas sugar cookie recipe, which is AWESOME!

Then, we enjoyed our church service this morning. Yes, Mama went crazy and made some Valentine's Day shirts for the girlies. It's just too much fun and too cute! We had some backyard play time when we got back home.

My two peas-in-a-pod, aka Bethany and Anna (the identicals), playing on top of the climberAnna coming down the slideAnd now Bethany coming down the slideBrielle, Bethany, Suzan and Anna. Can you tell that Brielle was just not "feeling the love" today? Yeah, she REALLY wanted her Daddy. The others are just too serious looking :PThe girlies have changed A LOT since last Valentine's Day! Below is Suzan, Anna, Bethany and Brielle in 2009. Barely any hair and not walking/mobile yet.My Handsome Heartbreaker Jared! NOTE: He thought it would be funny to ride his old, and WAY TOO SMALL, trike. Silly boy!Sweetheart Suz!Adorable Anna. I think her shirt fits her - "sweet" That's Anna :DBeautiful Bethany!And Babydoll Brielle. You can see she is more content being in her Daddy's lap :DWe love our 5 sweet valentines and I love my wonderful valentine for life, my hubby! Hope your Valentine's Day is a blessed one!
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Charity Donovan said...

Love the shirts & SO DANG JEALOUS of the outside shots! I feel like we will be inside for the next century! lol! SO SICK of SNOW!!!

Jen said...

How did you make the girlies shirts? They are absolutely adorable!!!

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