Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Backyard Play Time!

I'm trying to take more pictures of the girlies these days. Here are some from our backyard playtime after lunch. Our weather is SOOOO wondeful these days. We have to enjoy it while we can...because then it will be 110*+ around here ;)

Anna playing on top of their new climber (that they received from G&G Carlson for Christmas)My Anna Pie! I LOVE this picture of her. It shows her personality, a gentle and sweet spirit!Then Anna being silly ;)Anna going down the slideBrielle LOVES Jared's old trike. She could sit and be pushed on it for HOURS if she could...or if Mama could ;)Suzan giving me an "okay, i will stop for a second for you to take my picture, mama" smileBethany, stopping to smell, and pick!, the roses. Or I should say daisies.I think Anna was giving her daisy a kiss. How cute!And then blowing on it, like blowing out a candleSuzan liked having the daisies in her curly hair :)Yeah, I think our winter here is over. It felt much like spring. The bees are already buzzing about and flowers are blooming.Anna was twirling her head around and loved whipping her hair back and forth. Yeah, I can see her being my "twirl or spin around in a pretty pink dress" girl :DBrielle'y!!
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Nikki said...


I love how you are capturing the catchlights in the girlies eyes! Beautiful. I've always really enjoyed your photography and I've noticed the changes you've been doing. Love the pictures and the recipes!


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