Sunday, January 31, 2010

Park Play Time!

Our weather here has been GORGEOUS lately! So the kids and I took advantage of it yesterday and went to our neighborhood park for some fun sand, slide and swing time. They all had a blast! Here are some pics of the kids (as I promised :D ). They are just too cute, silly, sweet and funny these days! The 5 of them make me laugh!! :D

FYI...check out this blog post for the last time I took pictures of the kids at the park. Man! Have they changed since then!!!

Bethany, focused on her mission, which is to have fun in the sand!
Brielle with sand shovel in hand. I forget what she was telling me here ;)Bethany, again, with a yellow wiffle ballAnna Pie!Suzan found a pine cone. Ooooooo!Anna chose to sit down and dump sand all in her lap. Hey, you have to get down and dirty if you are going to have some fun ;)Jared building a sand building. He pointed out to me that the long "roads" are actually wheelchair ramps. I don't know where he comes up with this stuff! A very kind and thoughtful heart I tell you!Suz again, this time with another yellow ball we brought alongI just like this one of Bethany. She's ALWAYS reaching out for "mama" :DHa! This is my Curly Suz for you! She turned the bag for the sand toys into a purse. Ha! My little fashionista ;)Jared wanted me to take a picture of his sand building. See the ramps?A sweet pic of Peanut, aka BrielleOkay, now some swing time. I can still seat two girlies (1 big and 1 small) in each swing bucket seat...FOR NOW. I think they are growing too much, though, and outgrowing this. Ha! Bethany enjoying the swing time.Suzan swingingHa! Suzan decides to play "peek-a-boo" with me. Suzan - "you can't see me mama!" ;)Yup Suz, I can't see you at all :DAnna having fun swingingBrielle and her big grin, swinging :DThe other girlies wanted to get out and down from the swings but Brielle insisted to keep on swinging by herself. Having fun going solo!Mama had to "direct traffic" at the top of the slide. "hellooooo down there Bethany!"Jared telling me some crazy story of his. Oh, I think we were pretending that the play equipment was a boat or island and the sand was hot lava. He's too funny! :DAnna Pie's sweet grin! I can't get enough of her and her sweet smile :DAnd can't get enough of my Curly Suz either :DBethany coming up the steps to the slide. I had to watch this girl!And you've seen this pic before...Anna got a little hungry and snacked on some sand while we were there. Oh well ;)As I said before, I can't get enough of these kids of mine! They all crack me up and are HUGE joys in my (and Paul's) life! Praise God for the 5 of them!
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quadmom said...

What amazing pictures of such beautiful kids! Are you a photographer? Your pictures are so beautiful. The lentil soup pictures made my mouth water. Did you hear about the Triplet Connection dinner from Stephanie? It will be nice to finally meet you in person. Take care. Jayne

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