Saturday, January 02, 2010

Guess I turn 22 this year :D

I was just looking at my birth date this year, 01/01/10, when I wondered "what is that in binary code?" Yes, I am a geek. Sorry ;) Just mentioning binary takes me back to my computer courses in college. In any case, to answer my question, Wiki said 010110 is 22 in binary. Guess that means I turn 22 this year. Sweet!!!! :D

Here are a few pics of me with my mommy and me being the mommy to my 5 kids ;)

Suzan, Grammy, Anna, Jared, Maria (the 22-year-old birthday girl), Bethany and BrielleYou can tell exactly what Bethany is thinking here..."Costco chocolate cake! YUM!!" Notice her tongue hanging out wagging ;)It was very cute, Bethany and Anna were trying to blow out the candles with me, along with Jared. Ha!In addition to some fun family birthday cake time I got to enjoy a wonderful breakfast out with a few close friends. I am TRULY blessed with very sweet, loving and generous friends and family. Praise God for the people He has placed in my life!!
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amy said...

and i thought i was cool, because i'm going to be a "palendrome" in age this year! ha ha! maybe i'll just trade palendromes...33 for 22! i take it! ;o)

happy (late) birthday maria! xxx

amy said...

oops! that's supposed to say, "I'll take it!" :oP

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